Victorian Black Marble Fireplace – 1794MS


Shelf: 72¾” x 14″
Fireplace Height: 52″
Fireplace Width: 65″
Opening Height: 38″
Opening Width: 37¼”
Opening Depth: N/A
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Original Belgium Black Marble Fireplace

Antique Victorian Belgium black marble fireplace; an outstanding example most probably made to carry this exquisite set of Original Victorian Arts and Crafts tiles which are hand painted and signed AJS. The tiles manufactured by Minton Hollins & Co, Stoke on Trent, Circa 1885 feature pond life; the central plaque shows a pair of fishing kingfishers amongst water lilies and grasses. On the single top left tile, a blue dragonfly hovers in bulrushes and grasses, the right one has a similar background with a bee. A nasty blue crane or heron dominates the right leg panel, about to make a meal from an unsuspecting frog, whilst a large white butterfly, bull rushes and tall grasses make up the background. A similar scene is on the right leg panel with red admiral butterfly above a still, watchful bird. The artwork and detail is truly amazing, a raised to the touch. We have never come across this design before in either tiles or the marble, a truly unique fireplace. Designers working for Minton during this period, who may of influenced the design were Christopher dresser, Pugin and John Moyer Smith
In very good condition, from a large house in Derby.

Cast iron Grate available to purchase separately @ £1800.

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