Antique Fireplace Company FAQs

What fireplace best suits the period of my house?

The Georgian period 1714-1837; fireplaces were the focal point of the room with elegant fire baskets, hob (register) grates, with decorative fronts depicting swags, urns and medallions.

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The Victorian period covers 1837-1901. Early and Mid Victorian fireplaces were very ornate and ostentatious becoming slightly simpler towards the end of the period. Complete cast iron fireplaces were very popular in a wide range of styles. Larger Victorian fireplaces were generally a fireplace insert, either arched or tiled with marble, cast iron wood or slate mantels.

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Art Nouveau
The Art Nouveau style was popular from the early 1880s until 1914. There were two distinct looks; sinuous, curvy lines with stylised flowers, leaves, roots, buds and seedpods and the more noticeable vertical lines and linear look of Charles Rennie Mackintosh

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Arts & Crafts
The Arts & Crafts Movement, 1860-1910 was started by English designers and artists who wanted to return to well made handcrafted goods instead of mass-produced items. They shared the same ideas as Art Nouveau with an emphasis on individual designs influenced much more by nature; typical styles included butterflies, birds and stylised flowers. Copper and pewter were also popular. Famous designers include William Morris and William de Morgan.

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The Edwardian style covers the period 1900-1920. At the beginning of the Edwardian period most fireplaces would still of been the typical cast iron insert with tiles, the main difference from Victorian ones being that they were much plainer with minimal decoration. Edwardian fireplaces were often tall and slender. Canopy on legs were also popular with large panels, which were set on either side of the canopy at an angle, which suited the size of the mantel. Complete tiled fireplaces became more popular later in the period.

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Will I need a hearth and what types of hearth are there available?

If you are going to use your fireplace you will need a non-combustible hearth that is a minimum of 15” (380mm) deep and 2½ (50mm) high. For use with solid fuel you can choose either matt or polished black granite or slate which needs to be slabbed (sectioned). If you are not going to have a solid fuel fire you can choose a one-piece hearth.

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Can I choose different tiles for my fireplace?

Yes you can choose a different set of tiles from our selection of original fireplace tiles and reproduction tiles. It may also be possible to remove some from a fireplace, please enquire. Fireplace tiles are sold separately unless otherwise stated.

Can I have a gas fire in an original fireplace?

Most all of our fireplaces can have a gas fire, with the exception of the bedroom fireplaces. We can sometimes prove a gas fire for bedroom fireplaces providing the grate is not too small, please contact us for further information.

How much is UK delivery?

We have a set price of £85 charge per delivery to the UK mainland up to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Prices anywhere else on application. The majority of our deliveries are done in our own vehicles so in most cases we are able to give you a two hour time slot on a set date.

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How much is overseas delivery?

We can arrange worldwide shipping at competitive rates, prices are based and sizes and weight. If you would like a quote please email your fireplace choice along with your full address and we will request a quote.

Quotes include; packing, insurance but do not include customs and local taxes.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery is usually within 14 days, in a lot of cases quicker.

Is my delivery insured?

Yes all our deliveries are fully insured.

How do I look after my fireplace?

The best way of cleaning your fireplace is with a clean shoe brush, this will restore the shine. If your fireplace comes into contact with moisture, apply grate polish with a clean cloth, allow to dry then buff with a shoe brush.

What fuels can I burn?

Traditional coal and logs.

Can you recommend a fireplace fitter?

We can often recommend good fitters when you purchase a fireplace from us.

Read More on Fireplace Fitting.

I am restoring my fireplace, do you sell spare parts?

Unfortunately we do not sell any fireplace parts.

I have an opening in my wall; can I buy a fireplace to fit?

We recommend you buy a fireplace you like and then adjust the opening as required. It is not uncommon and a simple to task to alter the lintel and the size of the opening.

How do I decide what size fireplace I need?

This is a very much a personal choice, originally fireplaces were very large and dominated the room as they were the main feature and the sole source of heat. Generally speaking if you have a room that is 12ft square you may choose a fireplace with a 36” shelf, a room 20ft x 12ft would need a fireplace with at least a 48” shelf. These are guidelines only and your ceiling height and chimneybreast need to be taken into consideration. We suggest you either draw the measurements on the wall or make a piece of cardboard to the approximate size of your chosen fireplace.

I am planning to visit your showroom, what measurements do I need to bring with me?

The width and height of your chimneybreast and the size of your room. The fireplace you choose needs to fit proportionally in the room as apposed to fitting in your existing opening.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards and cash.

How can I secure a fireplace?

You can secure any fireplace for 7 days with a 10% deposit, which is refundable within 7 days.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.