Hearths for Antique Fireplaces

Hearths from Antique Fireplaces
Slate or stone were often used for Victorian hearths with tiles becoming more popular later in the Victorian period and Edwardian Era. Coloured tiles were often used and commonly matched the tiles in the fireplace. Our hearths (see below) are all black as this works well with almost any decorative scheme; we supply hearths made from granite (matt or polished), slate or quarry tiles. Slate hearths are most suited to fireplaces being used with gas or electric fires or for ornamental use due to their susceptibility to breakage and damage. Granite is a good alternative and very popular due to being hard wearing, it comes in either polished or matt; the matt finish especially suits cast iron products. Quarry Tiles are robust unglazed tiles that are very hard wearing; they are in fact a pure Porcelain Tile that have proved very popular for hearths because of their durability, appearance and texture.

One piece or slabbed?
One piece hearths are suitable for use with gas and electric fires or for ornamental use. Slabbed hearths are suitable for solid fuel fires; slabbing is the method of filling the underneath of the hearth with reinforced concrete, this provides a stable base for the material and allows it to expand and contract proventing cracking.

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