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Old Fireplaces

Old Fireplaces Here at the Antique Fireplace Company we are passionate about the restoration of our old fireplaces. A professionally restored fireplace compliments any room, adding character and value. Today’s reproductions lack the intricate detail and quality of an original fireplace. Old fireplaces are a piece of history; If only they could tell the story… Read more »

Restoring Antique Cast Iron Bedroom Fireplaces

To restore an antique cast iron fireplace thoroughly you should first dismantle the fireplace. First remove the damper/vent plate and ash pan cover, then the mantle shelf taking care not to break the bolts; a blow torch can help but don’t allow the heat to touch the fireplace shelf as this could crack it. Remove… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Victorian Fireplaces

Looking back to the 19th Century, the Victorian era – marking the period of Queen Victoria’s reign between June 1837 and January 1901 – brought with it numerous societal and aesthetic changes, including the creation of the Victorian fireplace. The dark colour and ornate design of the Victorian cast iron fireplace makes it a natural… Read more »