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New Showroom

Nearly finished; after a fire destroyed over 70% of our building and many months of hard work re-building and restoring we have nearly completed the restoration. If you wish to visit please get in touch so we can ensure a member of staff is available.

Arts and Crafts – William Morris

The Arts and Craft movement began in Britain around 1880 in protest of the mass produced goods and industrialisation of the Victorians. Its core characteristics of craftsmanship and individuality for quality products inspired by nature. Many people who became involved with the Arts and Crafts movement were influenced by the work of William Morris, he… Read more »

Old Fireplaces

Old Fireplaces Here at the Antique Fireplace Company we are passionate about the restoration of our old fireplaces. A professionally restored fireplace compliments any room, adding character and value. Today’s reproductions lack the intricate detail and quality of an original fireplace. Old fireplaces are a piece of history; If only they could tell the story… Read more »

Restoring Antique Cast Iron Bedroom Fireplaces

To restore an antique cast iron fireplace thoroughly you should first dismantle the fireplace. First remove the damper/vent plate and ash pan cover, then the mantle shelf taking care not to break the bolts; a blow torch can help but don’t allow the heat to touch the fireplace shelf as this could crack it. Remove… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Victorian Fireplaces

Looking back to the 19th Century, the Victorian era – marking the period of Queen Victoria’s reign between June 1837 and January 1901 – brought with it numerous societal and aesthetic changes, including the creation of the Victorian fireplace. The dark colour and ornate design of the Victorian cast iron fireplace makes it a natural… Read more »